From covering refugee communities in Jordan, to elections in the USA, to medical innovations at Yale, this is a sampling of where work has taken me lately.


Yale: Minimally-invasive neurosurgery

When a brain aneurysm ruptures, blood flow to critical areas of the brain can be interrupted, leading to tissue death - and depending on the size and location, it can be life threatening.

A precise, minimally-invasive approach to treating the most difficult brain aneurysms was recently approved for use in the United States, and this video documents the first procedures with this device to be performed in Connecticut. 

This video garnered around 40k views on Facebook with strong, positive engagement from viewers.

Role: Secondary cinematography, interviewing, editing


Filmed for UNICEF and the UK DFID to highlight services for children with mobility disabilities and learning differences around Jordan, ahead of the Global Disability Summit in London in 2018.

Children with mobility issues or intellectual disabilities face distinct disadvantages in Jordan: from a lack of sidewalks and public transportation, to a lack of special education, to social stigmas and fear of exploitation that drive parents to keep children with disabilities hidden from sight. And children with disabilities who are also refugees are especially marginalized. At UNICEF’s Makani (“my place” in Arabic) centers, these kids can get the educational help they need, and have a safe space to be themselves.

Role: cinematography, editing, motion graphics

Yale: How Does a Cochlear Implant Work?

“Without your vision and hearing, you don’t truly know what you’re about to confront,” says Douglas Hildrew, MD, an otolaryngologist at Yale. For patients with hearing loss, it’s often a long, slow process that gradually leaves them feeling isolated and unable to have meaningful connections with their family and friends.

This video explains what happens when hearing loss occurs, and how a cochlear implant can transform people’s lives and connections with loved ones.

Role: editing


Filmed for Find a Better Way, a UK-based NGO that opened a physiotherapy and psychotherapy clinic in Amman, Jordan for survivors of war injuries. This short film shares the stories of Syrian refugees and therapists working toward recovery.

Role: cinematography, editing, motion graphics, Arabic-English translation


Filmed for UNICEF to highlight a tech innovation bootcamp for underprivileged youth in Jordan, where students worked on robotics projects, coding, and producing documentary films.

Role: cinematography, editing, motion graphics


Newcomers to Germany talk about their experience migrating through the sentimental objects they carried with them. An exploration of home and memory, stories about these objects tell how people stay connected after being uprooted from home.

Role: cinematography, editing, Arabic-English translation