Personal Project, 2007-Present

"The day I found out he had autism was the happiest day of my life," my mom once told me. "Because I knew I finally had an answer."

My brother, Lyndon, was diagnosed when he was about three years old. Although we've known each other our whole lives, we've never held a conversation. Growing up, I often struggled with feelings of guilt - that I could go to college, work, make friends, fall in love - and that he might never have any of those things. The frustration continues today, in the form of misunderstandings in public and little things like his refusal to wear long pants or a coat in winter. Over the years, I began photographing Lyndon and our mom, Rita, as she transformed from a parent to a caregiver, raising a child for much longer than most other parents. The photos gave me a new window into his world, and helped me understand the relationship between my mom and brother better as autism continues to shape all our lives.